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Since its foundation, MALLARD has always worked in compliance with its customers requirements. Quality and customer satisfaction are our priorities.

Since 30 years, our quality organization has always been allowing us to meet the customers requirements, issued from different fields (aerospace (Refer to our new Hamilton Sundstrand qualification for alu-alumine coatings by Cold Spray), petrochemical, nuclear, etc.). Several certifications and qualifications have been obtained, and the company is ISO 9001 certified.

Indeed, we believe that quality and service are global concepts; we do our utmost to conduct our business in a sustainable and controlled framework. Moreover, we always think about the protection of the environment.

The prevention of risks is considered at every stage of our processes; the prevention of environmental problems and of accidental pollution is part of our daily lives.

Our QSE policy presents an overview our approach.
In 2009, we got the EMERIT certificate. EMERIT is a regional program entitled "accompaniment to the integrated industrial risk", demonstrating our commitment to the safety and environmental fields.
Our major customers appreciate this certificate.

Our main Certifications:
  • ISO 9001 :2015
  • COFREND / COSAC level 3
  • EMERIT - Safety / Environment Certification
  • Qualified welders according to EN 287-1
  • EDF - Nuclear Operations - "Rotating Machines" - Manufacturing & Spare Parts + Repairing operation in plant : Compressors + other pumps + circulating pumps gearboxes
  • EDF - Hydraulic Production: "machining of large dimension parts "
  • Aeronautics : Specific PAQ
  • Petrochemicals: approved machinist for High Pressure parts (2000 bar) TOTAL Petrochemicals.
Our work is systematically controlled underway by our teams. Concerning raw materials, the specific requirements of our customers are always taken into account. Contact us for any specific need.

More than 500 measurement and control tools are available, with some very significant capabilities: a 3 meters long caliper, a 1.2 meters long external micrometer or a free repositioning measuring arm.
All these devices are of course supplemented by means of control of hardness, surface finish, thickness, geometric control, etc...
An oven, connected to the calibration chain, with a plotter, is also available.
All of these equipment are regularly checked and calibrated.
At your request, we can establish check reports, a paper or digital achievement records or certificates of conformity.

Non Destructive Testing (NDT):
Our COFREND / COSAC level-3, according to EN4179, certified that operators can perform non destructive colored or fluorescent liquid penetrant testing and issue certificates of compliance. We can also realize Magnetic control, ultrasonic inspection, radiographic testing, materials analysis...

Measuring arm:
This portable tool can measure almost any mechanical part: geometric and dimensional controls.
It offers great flexibility for operational use:
Directly on the machines or parts,
Within the metrology service or MALLARD workshops,
During missions of expertise on customer sites.
Its computer wireless connection and its consequent autonomy allow limitless capabilities to the element control.

EDF - Nuclear Operations
EDF - Nuclear Operations - "Rotating Machines" certificate
EDF - Nuclear Operations
EDF - Nuclear Operations - "Rotating Machines" certificate
EDF - Hydraulic Production: certificate
EDF - Hydraulic Production: "machining of large dimension parts " certificate

Cold spray HS Aerospace certificate
Cold spray HS Aerospace certificate

ISO 9001 :2015 certificate
Certificat EMERIT
EMERIT - Safety / Environment Certification
Politique QSE
QSE policy certificate
Attestation EDF Thermique
EDF thermal power plant certificate
PAQ aeronautique
Aeronautic specific PAQ
Geometric and dimensional control with measuring arm
Penetrant testing