The MALLARD traditional mechanical expertise is associated with the most modern techniques.
Digital machining and control technologies allow us to expand our machining capabilities and "boost" the skills of our operators.


5 (SIEMENS) digital control lathes:
• A maximum capacity of: Ø1500 - H 800 (Vertical) - Ø750 - L6000 (Parallel)
• A third motorized axis (cutter head)
• A conversational programming system or by CADCAM


1 machining center:
• 4 axis of continuous machining
• Large capacity (spindle taper No. 50), maximum load 1.8 T
• A high accuracy of realization: positioning +/- 5 microns; reproducibility +/- 2.5 microns
• Several modes of programming (ISO, conversational, CFAO)


1 external cylindrical grinding machine digital:
• A capacity of Ø500 x 3000
• A machine that complements the range of MALLARD's cylindrical grindings.
• The ability to grind a wide variety of materials, in particular all coatings coming from our dry surface treatments.
• CNC Diamond tool to perform complex profiles, programmed by CFAO.


1 multi-purpose digital robotic Cold Spray, HVOF, Plasma cabin
Maximum capacities: 3000x2500mm.



A portable 3D measuring Arm 7-Axis, equipped with a laser scanner head and data processing software (Polyworks Inspector)
• Limitless measurement capabilities due to its transfer references system.
• Ideal for measuring most parts and mechanical components: dimensional and geometric controls, within the MALLARD metrology service, but also in workshops (including on machines) and for any expertise on customer sites.
• Very high precision in mechanical probing: + / - 0.031mm in a sphere 2500mm in diameter.
• Ideal for reverse engineering through the scanner.
• Very high flexibility through wireless connection and data processing software, which allows as much to obtain measurement results in real time as to treat them afterwards.
• Calibration standard : ISO 10360-12 :2016

1 measuring column:
• Application range: 770 mm
• Motorized trips
• Constant probing force
• Max tolerated error (µm). (L in mm): 1.8 + 2L / 1000


Powerful informatics means allow increasing the capabilities of our digital equipment. Programming software for our digital machines enable us to realize programs from a client file or directly through the integrated CAD module file. The most complex parts can be made by combining different axes machines.

Do not hesitate to contact us about any work on small and medium parts.