For almost fifty years, MALLARD practice dry surface treatment. This long experience allowed the development of special expertise to obtain great coating performances and reliabilities, recognized by the biggest names in the industry. Among them, the leaders of the aviation industry rely on MALLARD (Refer to our COLLINS / UTC Aerospace Systems qualification for Cold Spray coatings).

MALLARD expertise in thermal spray

MALLARD's thermal spray and coatings consist, on new parts or on a repair, in the deposition of material (usually different from the base material) with the objective of improving the performances and the characteristics of the treated area. Therefore, the mechanical properties fit to the in-use conditions and the lifetime is well much improved.
This surface treatment is obtained by spraying a material on a prepared surface.

The material deposition is the result of several parameters combination:
• Coating properties;
• Composition and morphology of the coating;
• Nature and properties of the substrate;
• Spray process;
• Operating parameters;
• Surface preparation;
• Fluids used.

MALLARD owns all the known depositing methods (including the Cold Spray) as well as the technical preparation and finishing techniques after spraying, particularly the grinding of all kind of deposited materials.

The various depositing methods

The Flame spray (wire or powder) 

The spray and fuse metallizing: This consists of a surface melting just after the material was deposited by flame spray, which allows a very compact coating. The following fast cooling results in a surface layer of high hardness. In this case, the physic-chemical structure of the substrate is modified.

The Electric Arc spray: Cradle frame restoration by Arc spray

The Atmospheric Plasma spray: Cylinder internal diameter coated by plasma spray

The High Velocity Oxy-Fuel spray (HVOF): Casing repair by HVOF spraying 

The Cold Spray : with the Cold Spray, the sprayed material achieve a very high level of performance: intrinsic characteristics preserved or improved (density, hardness, ...), oxidation rate and porosity close to zero, very strong inter-particle cohesion, low roughness, high thicknesses (several mm)

The uncontested advantages of MALLARD thermal spray

• Improving performance and equipment longevity by the experience and the council of MALLARD team.
• Reconstruction / restoration of the initial geometry of a damaged part (The Cold Spray offers new opportunities)
• Replacing the wearing parts by metallizing the main element in order to give it the desired characteristic at the right place.
• The total absence of substrate heating during deposition, thus avoiding any impact on the physic-chemical structure (excluding spray and fuse).
• The reproducibility of the coatings, fruit of our expertise and the quality of our spray equipment. For complex geometries, we are equipped with a robotized spray booth (plasma, HVOF, Cold Spray). 
• The ability to machine / grind all coatings made with guaranteed integrity.
• The ability to replace the electrochemical treatments and their induced environmental hazards.  

In any cases, MALLARD offers the best solutions as we have and master all the technologies usable. Indeed, the adequacy between the nuance deposited and the method used is essential. In other words, there is no spray process which allows the application of all the coatings. MALLARD will always offer the proper solution due to our equipment and our expertise in thermal spray.

MALLARD Thermal spray processes and coatings



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