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MALLARD has a large machinery inventory that allows us to treat and solve the most part of machining problems (complexity, precision, material and dimension) in "traditional" or "NC", combined with the know-how and the decades of experience of our operators.

We machine all types of materials, metallic or synthetic, including the most advanced (invar, titanium, super-alloy, etc ...) and all types of parts: with a drawing, a model or a prototype.

Our maximum machining capacity is:

5000 mm
8000 mm
20 000 kg

A large hall is dedicated to the machining of heavy and large dimension parts.
The unloading / loading of your parts or assemblies is well sheltered by using suitable handling.

Our machining tools, metallization technologies and boiler works are there to meet all your expectations:

  • Parallel (SIEMENS 840 D si) digital control lathe:
    Ø: 750 mm
    Length: 6000 mm (spindle bore dia 165 mm)
    4,5 tons

  • Parallel lathes:
    Ø: 1600 mm
    Length: 8000 mm
    13 tons

    Ø: 1000 mm
    Length: 5000 mm & 8000 mm

  • Vertical (SIEMENS 802 SL) digital control lathe, high power (45kW):
    Ø: 1250 mm
    Height: 800 mm

  • Vertical lathes:
    Ø: 5000 mm
    Height: 1800 mm

    Ø: 2500 mm
    Height: 1800 mm

  • Boring spindles:
    Ø: 115 mm– courses 3000 x 1600 x 1000 mm
    Ø 80 mm

  • External cylindrical grinding:
    Ø: 1600 x 6000 mm
    20 Tons

  • Bore grinding:
    Ø: 1200mm
    Length: 1200mm

  • Mortiser :
    Ø: 1500mm - course of 500 mm, beyond contact us

  • Metallization:
    Ø: 1510mm – Length: 8800 mm (Horizontal axe)
    Ø: 5000mm – Length: 1500 mm (Vertical axe)

  • Plasma and oxyacetylene cutting table:
    3000 x 10000 mm

  • Hydraulic press 300 tons – L x W xH = 2000x1000x5000 mm

  • A press bake of 200 tons with a deck of 5000 mm length

  • A 30 mm thick rolling device.

MALLARD machinery inventory is one of the most complete in the industrial pole of the North West of France.

Our machines are equipped with the most sophisticated tools (high precision chucks, anti-vibration tool holders, etc ...). For CNC technologies, we have a CAM/CAD software.
Measuring and control tools (calliper up to 3m, outside micrometer up to 1.2 m and a mobile measuring arm) are used to ensure the quality of our services.
These equipment of large capacity are completed by our balancing machine able of handling parts up to 20 tons, 3200mm of diameter and 12000 mm of length.

Butterfly valve boring
Flange vertical turning
Mechanically welded frame vertical turning
usinage grande piece
Large capacity balancing
usinage grande piece
Large capacity parallel turning