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MALLARD was founded in 1946.
At the beginning of its history, MALLARD activity was focused on agricultural mechanics.
In 1960, MALLARD turned to the design, production and commercialisation of washing machines.
Since 1972, MALLARD, located in the heart of a major industrial area, has been engaged in maintenance mechanics and new high technology mechanical products.

MALLARD group has been working in this environment for more than 40 years, with clients coming from processing and manufacturing industries.
We work in close collaboration with our clients, analysing their needs and manufacturing high quality products, through optimized industrial processes, avoiding waste and inefficiency.

People working at MALLARD have a real «mechanical» culture coming from 70 years of experience and activity.
Customer satisfaction and the pleasure of a “well-done” work, heritage of our history and know-how, are the number-one concern of our team and they are the values that new arrivals learn joining MALLARD.
Qualified technicians are readily available to assist in joint design initiatives and provide complex solutions. Our services are recognized by the precision, rigour, quality and availability of our teams.
MALLARD “mechanical” culture and know-how ensure our reputation among customers and the durability and longevity of our activity.

In order to continue its development, MALLARD focuses on its technical expertise and mechanical know-how, the base of his reputation.
With this objective, we rely on:
  • The development of the potential and the professionalism of our team.
  • The development of our machinery which broadens the scope of our activity and our production capability.
  • The infrastructure of our workshops, because we believe that our services should be part of a "sustainable and controlled" development of our activities, particularly based on our HSE management (Health, Safety and Environment). We rely on the real ambition of our customers to consider these aspects in their choice of partners.

We wish to be regarded as the ideal partner by manufacturing companies, based upon the experience and expertise of our engineers and operators, our advanced technologies and our respect for people and the environment.