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Blade armoring by Cold Spray process:

  • Programming custom gun path for the best spray conditions
  • 0.7mm thick Inconel alloy coating

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JANUARY and FEBRUARY 2016: Renewal for a period of 5 years of our EDF qualifications:

- EDF - Nuclear Operations - "Rotating Machines" - Manufacturing & Spare Parts + Repairing operation in plant : Compressors + other pumps + circulating pumps gearboxes

- EDF - Hydraulic Production: "machining of large dimension parts"

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JUNE 2015Our digital turning cell expands with a new parallel CNC(SIEMENS 840D Si) lathe::
 diam: 750 mm, length: 6000 mm (spindle bore dia 165 mm) ,4,5 tons, served by a bridge crane.

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JANUARY 2015: Our customer UTC Aerospace System qualified us for alu-alumine coatings by Cold Spray

Dynamic Balancing of whell/shaft assembly according to customer specifications :


  • Balancing ISO 1940-1 Class G6.3
  • Operating speed : 990 rpm
  • Toal weight : 6860 kg
  • Largest diameter : 2322 mm
  • Correction of the unbalance by welding weights on the whell periphery

Balancing class obtained after correction < G2.5

  Dynamic balancing MALLARD 


Dynamic Balancing videos : Watch video 1

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