MALLARD EN 9100 certificate


Mallard Mécanique Industrielle is an industry player for more than 70 years, ISO 9001 certified for several decades.

Despite our 45 years of experience in the aerospace industry and our customer loyalty, Mallard had no ASD certifications.

- Our culture, our operational experience of this leading sector requirements,
- Our expertise and our innovations in many fields, especially thermal spraying (HVOF and Cold Spray among others), digital machining and grinding, lead us to greatly expand our aerospace activities by offering the market top performances, innovative and sometimes unique services.

We work today for most of the significant players in the sector.

The time had come to cross "the stage" EN 9100.

The company was ready and has, as we said, culture and experience.

The whole team mobilization allowed us to enter the narrow circle of some 1800 EN 9100 French companies (18700 worldwide).
We are, of course, very proud and satisfied with this result which realizes the long history of Mallard and aeronautics as well as the recent work done by the Mallard Team on technologies that today "make and will make the difference" ... ..

As a reminder :
EN 9100 is an European standard (with US (AS 9100) and Japanese (JISQ 9100) equivalents), which defines the specific quality management system requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense markets (ASD).
We are now recognized and referenced in the international OASIS database, which lists EN 9100, AS 9100, JISQ 9100 certified companies around the world and attests to the reliability and the quality of our services.

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